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About Cynthia St. Pierre

Cynthia St. Pierre is an Emotional Release Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist who uses a healing technique to remove trapped emotions and identify the underlying root causes of illness, disease, and negative patterns that prevent individuals from living a happier, more fulfilled life. 

Life’s challenges can bring up difficult emotions that, if held onto, can become trapped and escalate in impact, leading to chronic illness, long-term depression, anxiety, soul loss, and more. Cynthia uses Emotional Release Therapy or Hypnotherapy to help individuals address emotions related to health issues and inherited trauma patterns in their family lineage. 

Through this technique, she guides and helps individuals heal the emotions that keep them sick or stuck, breaking the chains of negative patterns and disease that have affected their family for generations. Cynthia’s goal is to help individuals live a happier, healthier, and more abundant life by releasing the emotions that make them sick and breaking these chains for themselves and future generations.

Education & Credentials

BSc in Nutrition & Dietetics 

New York University

MS in Clinical Nutrition

New York University

Board-Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

Registered in the State of NY

Core values that I believe in


Understanding: Empathy is the cornerstone of my practice. It involves the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, fostering a deep connection and trust between myself and those I aim to help. Through empathy, I create a safe and compassionate space for healing.


Strength: Empowerment is about helping individuals discover their inner strength and resilience. I believe in guiding people towards a place of self-empowerment, where they can take control of their well-being and make positive changes in their lives.


Honesty: Integrity is the foundation of trust. I am committed to maintaining the highest level of honesty and transparency in my practice. It means always acting in the best interests of my clients and upholding ethical standards.


Change: Transformation is at the heart of healing. I believe in the potential for positive change in every individual. Whether it’s releasing trapped emotions or breaking negative patterns, I am dedicated to supporting transformative journeys toward a healthier, happier life.

“My mission is to empower individuals to reclaim emotional balance, guiding them towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life”
Cynthia St. Pierre
Emotional Release Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

FROM my healthy CLIENTS

After years of bad diet habits, Melvina helped me better connect with my body. She gave me the tools to make better and healthier choices for myself.
I am forever grateful to Melvina for her private online coaching service. She taught me how to lead a healthier life by being smarter about the food I consume.
We hired Melvina to help develop our corporate wellness program and she was very professional to work with. Our employees love her!

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