Activating the Kundalini

At the base of your spine lies dormant, a very powerful force, best known as Kundalini, waiting to be awakened.

When Kundalini stirs from her slumber, she travels up the spine, activating energy centers known as chakras. this can be a gentle unfolding, or a more intense experience, depending on each person.

Stage 1- (Stepping Onto the Path)

The First Stage; The journey in awakening your kundalini, all begins with seeking, most people are seeking happiness. This yearning to connect to something bigger than material gain and egoic desires takes us down a spiritual path. This path naturally leads us to get curious about meditation, yoga, and other esoteric practices as a means of coping with life.

Stage 2- (Activation)

The Second Stage; To begin this activation of Kundalini, Cynthia begins by cleansing and balancing each of the chakras, by releasing the emotions and emotional entities, that have become attached through lifes traumatic experiences, since childhood and up into our adult lives.

Activation of this dormant energy can happen during a particularly difficult time when we feel at rock bottom and at our lowest.

Stage 3- (Purification)

As referenced in the activation phase, our kundalini can awaken during a dark or difficult time in our lives. Shadow traits, past trauma, suppressed emotions, or unhealthy coping strategies may also be revealed to you. These qualities, such as aggression and violence, are the shadow side of Kundalini.

It will magnetize what is no longer working in our life, what needs to be purified and cleared away in order for you to unlock your highest potential.

Stage 4- (Transformation)

Once the blockages are cleared away, the transformation can begin. 

The butterfly emerges.

You will feel a shift in consciousness and abrupt changes might begin to happen. Tears of joy may be experienced on a daily basis as you see life through a different lens.

Transformation is not a stagnant place but rather can feel like a roller coaster as you teeter between your new chapter and the old one.

This is all part of the kundalini process still working through you, refining you, and testing your newfound abilities.

Sometimes it can show up through a drastic career or lifestyle change. You might take up and move somewhere you’ve always wanted to live or embark on a backpacking trip. You may also have a spiritual experience of transformation in the way you relate to sensuality and your embodied self.

Stage 5- (Harmony and Integration)

The final stage. Once tuned in, our thoughts and vibration begin to harmonize with similar frequencies. Like attracts like.

This is the breakthrough stage where all that you’ve learned on your spiritual journey culminates together to bring you new insights, strengths, and opportunities.

This new way of resonance will begin to attract new experiences, expand creativity, and unlocking of new possibilities.

Harmonization feels more accessible in the physical body and integrating kundalini back into our human experience.

This new state of being will require integration into daily life and with time a new way of being will naturally find its way.

This can be best explained as a flow state and an expansive energy that is in harmony with the direction your energy is wanting to flow.

Positive Kundalini Awakening Symptoms during the Harmony and Integration Stage:

What Happens After Activation of Kundalini;

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