Trauma Bonds

What is Trauma Bonding? 

A trauma bond is an attachment between two people, one of whom carries more power over the other. There are positive reinforcements after periods of emotional, physical, and/ or mental abuse, thus leading to trauma bonding. This becomes a cycle as each time the abuse is perpetrated, the perpetrator shows remorse and makes attempts to repair the relationship.

If you are in a trauma bond relationship, there could be more of them in other areas of your life. Trauma bonding also goes back into your family generations. 

So this goes much deeper then what you are experiencing today. Some may call it a “Generational Curse.” Hypnosis gives you, your power back, by finding and addressing the root causes of your repetitive, destructive behaviors, that have been keeping you and your family generations stuck, in unhealthy abusive relationships for generations, and gives you the power to break the chains! 

What Are The Signs Of A Trauma Bond?

Do you have one or more signs? 

1. You know someone is bad for you, but you keep going back. 
2. Fear of cutting them out of your life creates mental distress. 
3. You exclude everyone from your relationship. 
4. You isolate yourself from anyone who doesn’t include the abuser. 
5. You worry about doing things that may upset them. 
6. You know they are manipulative and abusive, but you can’t let them go. 
7. You consider their happiness to be your happiness. 
8. You have lost your sense of worth 
9. You feel invisible in the relationship. 
10. You view the abuser as your drug of choice. 

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