Through hypnosis, I was able to leave the most toxic situation imaginable.  Together, Cynthia and I were able to deal with my fears and insecurities and regain my self worth and confidence.  She guided me through places – emotions and feelings that I simply could have never imagine going through, much less conquering.  I will forever be grateful to Cynthia and for her helping me through that time in my life and helping me get away from a place that I never want to be again.  She is the BEST!

Jennifer C.

I did 3 hypnosis sessions with Cynthia, to balance my chakras and every one was incredible and the results were invaluable. It helped me let go of old pathways and sent me off of amazing adventures and heaven like experiences. I see synchronicities and angel numbers and attract so many beautiful people and experiences into my life. This was an invaluable healing for my life. I’m forever grateful to Cynthia! I feel so much more connected to my soul and intuition and an aligned Chakra. Thank you Cynthia for your healing hypnosis! ♡

Lindsay H.

I can highly recommend Cynthia for hypnotherapy.  I needed some support after losing my confidence – I felt like I had lost my zest and needed a boost to help me get back on my feet again so that I would be able to get back to enjoying life again and doing the things I want to do.  During the session Cynthia was reassuring and warm, she made me feel at ease and I really enjoyed it.  I definitely felt the benefits and was back riding my horse soon after my session.  A great investment for anyone wanting help making changes to their mental health xx

Becca H.

Paul Jones lost 60 lbs. over 10 months with my Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis 


I really had no expectations of what would happen during my hypnosis with Cynthia StPierre, all I knew is that I was stuck in these negative thought patterns that through my childhood, and life, had been established. Inability to break free from self-doubt, lack-mentality and feelings of unworthiness had prohibited me from believing in myself and taking any leaps that may result in failure. 

During my hypnosis, I really was in a trance-like state! I had memories come to my mind’s eye very clearly. The compassion, love and understanding I felt for my child self was extremely comforting. I was able to love her, but detach my adult self from the events that occurred in this child’s life; leaving me feeling 100lbs lighter and more open to the world around me; including my partner, new opportunities, and even my thoughts and feelings towards my own children. 

In the months following, I have felt more creative and willing to take risks without being hung up on the possibility of things not working out. I have been able to speak my truths to my partner, without worry of feeling rejected or judged. I have a more clear understanding that my own human experience is just as valid and worthy as the next. 

I am even in the process of starting my own business! I highly encourage anyone who is at a crossroads in their life, unable to let go of traumas of their own, or those that have been passed down through generations to TAKE THIS LEAP!

I. Hannah

Rob and I were looking for something or someone to help us to stop smoking. We had no problem stopping, but staying smoke free was our problem.

We then met Cynthia StPierre. What a magical name! With her knowledge, talent and energy she was the help we needed. We walked away from her with no urge for nicotine to fulfill our lives.

Jan & Rob